Volunteers do not necessarily have the time or resources, they just have the HEART -Elizabeth Andrew


Elitistic and middle class families donate used books to us; and we donate them to public school and public library



We train for free teachers of public schools and low-income private schools

Knowledge is indeed power. Whatever we all thought we knew about education was almost reduced to nothing with the new facts and information imparted on us. This will go a long way in our Teaching and Learning journey of educating generations of future world leaders.
Thank you for supporting us. We must ensure we succeed by giving purpose to learning.

Mrs B. Fadipe – Head of School


We arrange children in hubs of not more than 10 children across different community in North East Nigeria, and we assigned tutors to each hubs to teach core academics to this children

This is because the North Eastern Nigeria has been ravage by insurgency, bombing, terrorism and attacks in general –  as such, school-age children cannot go to school, we therefore bring formal education to their local communities.

Typically we have no more than three tutors assigned to each hub – this teachers are able to take multiple subjects and this help manage our cost.

Part of our profit from Mindsmith Limited is use to execute the project in North East Nigeria.