Mrs B. Fadipe
Directress Pinefield

Knowledge is indeed power. Whatever we all thought we knew about education was almost reduced to nothing with the new facts and information imparted on us. This will go a long way in our Teaching and Learning journey of educating generations of future world leaders.
Thank you for supporting us. We must ensure we succeed by giving purpose to learning.

The Marshmallow Test

This training helps educators understand why students perform
differently under same learning conditions and how to stimulate collective learning irrespective of peculiar learning challenges.

Classroom Management

The training helps teachers induce students’ participation in learning as well as guide teachers on how to help students live out their best selves. The content also throws light on how to harness the realities

Beautiful Mind

This is a special training for teachers of learning-disabled children. The training take educators on a scientific journey into the workings of the minds of different cases of learning challenges 


Catalyst is designed to give teachers the necessary mental push and motivation
required for maximum impact. The training takes a long historical adventure into the different massive impacts and waves

Other Modules Include:

  • Channels & Mental Pathways of Learning
  • Repairing Broken Teens
  • Xennial Educators and Millennial Learners: The Broken Loop
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Understanding the Habit Loop of The 21 st Century Learner & Educator
  • Beyond Class Evaluation
  • Styles of Parenting and Impact on Learning
  • Raising ‘soldiers’ as a Single Parent


We create tailored contents to meet specific needs of partner schools and clients. We also develop strategy and tools for schools to scale through ‘teachers motivation- downtimes’, to boost professional performance and to attract financially-able parents to enroll their children. Whatever your school’s need is, just leave us a message in few lines and our consultants will get back to you

Our Trainings Across Schools


Everett Bomgardner
Head of School, New Hall International School
The training was well received by the teachers. I have had many positive comments and all through you were great in your presentation. Thank you for what you brought to our school. I hope to see more of you again in the future.

Mrs Kuyoro B.Y
Teacher, Solomon Grace International Nur/Pry School
The training was a real blessing to me as a teacher. I like the presentation and the digital teaching materials used during the course of the training. I hope to have more of this. Bravo

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